We make every effort to sell only one style to each school and post the dress and colors purchased for each school. This is not a guarantee that dresses will not be duplicated.

Ellie Wilde-Black

Abby Paris-Black


J.Kayne - Purple

Ellie Wilde - Sage

J.Kayne - Black

Ellie Wilde- SuperNova

Rachel Allan- 70478

Jovani- Off White

Amarra- Emerald

Rachel Allan- Aqua

Rachel Allan- Black

Ellie Wilde- Royal

Ava Presley- Violet

Amarra- Aqua

Jovani- Black

J. Kayne- Barbie Pink 

Ellie Wilde- Peach Rainbow 

Portia&Scarlett- Black 

Ashley Lauren- Sky

Sherri Hill- Red

Ashley Lauren - Black/Silver

Ellie Wilde - Purple Rain

Johnathan Kayne- Royal

Amarra- Fuchsia

Amarra- Purple

Rachel Allan-Black

Abby Paris- Fuchsia

Jonathan Kayne- Champagne 

Portia&Scarlett- Light Pink

Ellie Wilde- Hot Pink 


Aleta- Black

Ladivine- Royal

Sherri Hill- Red

Jovani- Green

Abby Paris-Yellow 

Ladivine- Hot Pink